Assured UK Malt News
Issue 2. May 2006

AUKM Proves a Success with Brewers

Assured UK Malt (AUKM) is proving to be successful with a variety of UK-based regional and international brewers.

AUKM has visited a number of end users to look at the benefits of the scheme. These case studies are featured in this newsletter, the AUKM website and in future issues of the newsletter.


David Wilkes, Chairman of the Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB), says: "Assured UK Malt has a real role to play in ensuring the integrity of our customers' brands, and the members of the scheme are completely confident that it leads the world in this regard. AUKM is setting standards that other maltsters should be aspiring to. However, it is much more important to us that our customers acknowledge the benefits of the scheme and are prepared to go on the record to speak about them."

AUKM makes life easier for Carlsberg 

International brewer Carlsberg is reaping the benefits in brand protection from increased malt standards set by the Assured UK Malt (AUKM) scheme. These standards lead the way in world malting and provide regulations on not only food safety, but also product legality, good operational practice and product quality. The quality and traceability of all the brewer's raw materials is of foremost importance to the protection of the Carlsberg brand and its practices, a philosophy which dates back to the founding of the company in the 19 th century.

Brit Bertram, Quality Manager at Carlsberg's headquarters in Copenhagen comments: "The AUKM scheme is in line with the strict requirements we set out for our suppliers, bringing the UK to the forefront of food safety. This, therefore, gives us the confidence that the UK malt supplier has a philosophy to be proactive in its approach to producing high quality malt."

At Carlsberg, as with any international brewer, major investment has been made in building brand equity, and reliability of ingredients is key to ensuring that brands remain strong and can be trusted by consumers.

Laurence says: "Food scares such as Sudan1 have highlighted the importance of quality and traceability along the supply chain. Ignoring the potential risks can lead to a collapse in brand confidence, expensive product recalls and widespread panic amongst consumers. AUKM is an excellent scheme that has set the standard for UK malting, ensuring full traceability along the supply chain. This in turn has made my job a lot easier, as I know that all my malt suppliers are keeping to strict quality standards even before they are subjected to our internal regulations."

To read more about how AUKM fits in Carlsberg's overall systems and helps to protect the image of its products visit the AUKM website at .

Laurence May, Systems Manager at Carlsberg UK

UK Regional Brewer Makes a Big Impression with the Japanese

Traditional regional British brewer Shepherd Neame, famous for its long-established, high quality range of beers such as Spitfire and Bishops Finger, is now also brewing quality Japanese beer. The Kent-based brewer began producing Asahi Super Dry following an agreement with Asahi Breweries Ltd to produce the beer under licence for the UK market. The Japanese company has been delighted with the quality of the product being produced in the UK , and samples of the beer brewed by Shepherd Neame frequently come top for quality amongst other Asahi brewers.

This is a testimony to Shepherd Neame's commitment to quality in its processes and in the ingredients that it uses. All the malt used by the company comes from members of the Assured UK Malt (AUKM) scheme. AUKM integrates with a variety of schemes including all the existing farm assurance schemes to provide malt that is fully traceable and guaranteed to have been subjected to independently audited standards.

Ian Dixon, Production Director for Shepherd Neame knows that the scheme has many benefits for the brewer. He says: "The AUKM scheme brings many benefits both in my job and to other sections in the company. We buy all our malt up front from the maltsters in the scheme, and by doing this, we know we can rely on its quality. The thought of variable quality, expensive product recalls and escalating insurance premiums if anything was to go wrong, doesn't bear thinking about. With AUKM, knowing the history of the malt reduces these risks significantly."

He adds: "For departments such as sales and marketing, the use of local quality ingredients which can be traced from the farm through to the delivery at Shepherd Neame is also a great benefit. The reputation of Shepherd Neame as a ‘brand' is key to how they communicate. They work hard to convey a strong brand image and we don't want to see that disappear overnight. AUKM helps to add value for the retailer and the consumer."

Chris Gregson (picture above), Shepherd Neame's Quality Control Manager says that AUKM's strength is in its traceability.

To find out more about the success of Shepherd Neame click here or visit the Assured UK Malt website at .

AUKM Launches Japanese Language Website

AUKM has launched a Japanese language version of its website. Japanese is the first language to be featured on the site other than English, and this reflects the importance attached to this market by the maltsters in the scheme.

David Wilkes, Chairman of MAGB, said: " Japan represents an important market for UK maltsters, and we already sell some 87,000 tonnes of malt there. It is vital to us to communicate the key benefits of AUKM such as the outstanding traceability of malt within the scheme, and the way in which this supports risk management within our customers' companies.

As with the English language site, the Japanese version gives full details of the scheme and its members, and we will be introducing new information during the year including case studies which show how AUKM malt can be traced right through the system from grower to brewer, and the way in which brewers are benefiting from the scheme."

The Japanese website can be visited by going to and clicking on the Japanese flag in the left hand bottom corner of the home page.

New HACCP Protocol Keeps AUKM Ahead of the World

The Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB) has issued its latest guidance on HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Since the actions in the document are obligatory for members of the AUKM scheme, it has now become a ‘Protocol' rather than a ‘Guide'.

Ivor Murrell, Director General of MAGB, says: "The main changes in this version relate to maltings co-products, which are now fully covered, and the fact that the Protocol now calls for a business management system to be in place, structured to underwrite compliance with this document. More guidance on the verification and validation requirements are given, and specific details are shown against each of the eight critical control points.

"This update is evidence of the desire by Assured UK Malt members to ensure that the scheme is continually updated and is dynamic rather than static. At the moment AUKM leads the world in providing independently audited certification for its members. However, we can only continue to do that by a process of continuous monitoring and updating."

The review team which produced the Protocol took notice of the Assured UK Malt scheme's external auditor's comments that have been made since the HACCP Guide was last issued in July 2003, and made several adjustments to improve the guidance given in the document and to remove any ambiguities.

Product Authentication International (PAI), the external accreditation body for Assured UK Malt, will use the MAGB HACCP Protocol for Malting - Version 3.0, in combination with the AUKM Standard when carrying out their site audits of UK maltsters AUKM certified maltings.

A copy of the MAGB HACCP Protocol version 3.0 can be downloaded by going to

Assured UK MAlt (AUKM) is the internationally recognised accreditation scheme for malt run by the Maltsters Association of Great Britain. Members of the scheme are Bairds Malt Limited, Coors Brewers Ltd, Crisp Malting Group Ltd, Greencore Malt, Muntons plc, and Simpsons Malt Limited. For more information on Assured UK Malt visit or contact MAGB on +44 (0)1636 700781

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