Is Your Brand Protected?

“Assured UK Malt along with our own auditing process helps eliminate any issue of contamination in our beer, providing us with ultimate brand protection.”
Laurence May, Systems Manager at Carlsberg …more

Are you confident that the ingredients you are using provide protection and add value to your brand? Assured UK Malt (AUKM) ensures the traceability of malt from the farm through to the brewery and distillery, eliminating your risk of contamination.

“Sainsbury's strongly supports industry initiatives that improve operating standards whilst avoiding unnecessary duplication of activity. We applaud the Assured UK Malt programme and wish it every success.”
Judith Batchelar, Brand Director at Sainsbury’s….more

AUKM meets strict quality guidelines on food safety, product legality, good operating practice and product quality and follows the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) Protocol. more

To find out more about protecting your brands by using AUKM approved malt, email Assured UK Malt today  or contact the Maltsters’ Association of Great Britain on 01636 700781

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