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Accredited Malt Maltsters Association of Great Britain
How Can Your Business Benefit From Assured UK Malt
World class malt for world class beer AUKM certify Accredited Malt

The Assured UK Malt (AUKM) scheme offers benefits for brewers in every area of the company, not just buying and quality control. Using malt from the AUKM scheme adds value for brewers' customers - the retailers and the ultimate consumer alike. The benefits can be broken down as follows:

For buyers - IBM once ran an advertising campaign claiming ÎNobody Ever Got Fired for Buying IBM'. For IBM insert Assured UK Malt. Buyers can rest easy knowing that malt with the AUKM mark of certification is high quality and fully traceable.

For quality controllers - AUKM makes their job easier by providing a product that is quality assured and independently verified. It can help to save time and money when it comes to auditing.

For finance directors - Using AUKM can help long-term costs by reducing the risk of expensive product recalls and escalating insurance premiums.

For CEOs - AUKM is one raw material that is assured free from contamination. Problems with contaminated product can be catastrophic, leading to decline in profits, sliding stock market price, and loss of market share.

For Commercial Managers (sales & marketing) - Who work hard to build sales and brand equity and don't want to see it disappear overnight. The use of products that have been approved by a scheme such as AUKM adds value for the retailer and the consumer.

As Euan Macpherson, of the Assured UK Malt Working Party says: "The benefits of the scheme are not just for buyers, they spread throughout the business. For sales and marketing executives in particular, the fact that the company uses AUKM adds value to the customer, giving them further reassurance about the quality of your products."

Assured UK Malt has produced a leaflet showing how different parts of the Supply Chain have benefitted from working with AUKM. Click here to download a copy.

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