Assured UK Malt News
Issue 4. November 2006

Assured UK Malt at Brau

Assured UK Malt (AUKM) the first scheme accredited for malt that meets the high standards set by the International Accreditation Forum is exhibiting at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. Members of the AUKM scheme will be on hand to discuss its benefits, which include unrivalled brand protection for brewers by delivering the highest standards of quality, traceability and assurance at all stages of production from the farm to the brewer or distiller.

Launched in 2003, the AUKM scheme includes Bairds Malt Limited, Coors Brewers Ltd, Crisp Malting Group Ltd, Greencore Malt, Muntons plc, and Simpsons Malt Limited. It was created as a result of joint work on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) protocol for the UK malting industry. The protocol covers food safety, product legality, good operational practice and product quality. For more information come and visit us on stand 1/121 at Brau or visit

Independent Audit ensures AUKM still leads the world

The work of independent auditor Product Authentication International (PAI) is helping to ensure that brewers and distillers using Assured UK Malt have the highest levels of brand protection. PAI is one of the leading Approved Certifiers of food products, food authenticity, labelling claims and food chain traceability in Europe. It operates particularly in the agricultural and food manufacturing sectors. Founded some 11 years ago, the
company has enjoyed rapid growth from its early beginnings in the food sector.

Today PAI is involved in some of the UK’s leading assurance schemes including the Assured UK Malt (AUKM) scheme. It also provides auditing services for the British Retail Consortium Technical Food Standard, Assured Food Standards, the Fairtrade Foundation, and Assured British Meat. PAI provides supplier accreditation for some of the UK’s leading food retailers.

Food Scheme Coordinator Alison Clark at PAI's Headquarters

Gordon Jackson leads a meeting at the start of the audit

The scheme is operated from PAI’s Harrogate headquarters where Food Scheme Manager Richard Powell and Food Scheme Coordinator Alison Clark oversee the operation of the scheme and organise around 20 site assessments every year. These site assessments are carefully reviewed to check on the work of the assessor and to ensure that any points of non-compliance are dealt with.

At the heart of AUKM are the assessments carried out each year on every site of each company in the scheme. These are designed to ensure that the site is carrying out all of the requirements of the scheme, that all documentation is in place, that staff are properly trained and that proof can be produced to demonstrate the effective running of the scheme on a day-to-day basis.

The assessor has a checklist that matches the list of requirements for the scheme. He determines whether or not the company has complied with each requirement but also makes detailed notes to provide feedback.

Experienced assessor Gordon Jackson carries out a site audit over a working day. He meets with the management on the site, and checks all documentation relating to the scheme. This covers all aspects of food safety, quality management, and legislation. He also visits all parts of the site ensuring that procedures are in place and are carried out properly.

The site audit takes in every aspect of production from receiving the barley to despatching the malt

Following a closing meeting at which all points of ‘non compliance’ are raised, the site management agree an action plan. They have 28 days to come back to PAI and to prove that these actions have been carried out before a certificate can be issued. A full case study on the work of PAI and its assessor can be found at Details of the technical standard which the assessor uses can be found at

Traceability is of Prime Importance to the BBPA

The British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA), which promotes and represents the business interests of the UK’s brewing and pub sectors, is supporting Assured UK Malt (AUKM). The BBPA applauds the scheme for its commitment to traceability, quality and assurance at all stages of production from the farm through to the end product.

Elaine McCrimmon, Senior Policy Adviser at BBPA comments: “With commitment to quality of such importance to UK brewers, Assured UK Malt is a valuable tool in meeting this commitment. AUKM provides reassurance to brewers that the malt being purchased is fully traceable and meets quality standards. Furthermore, it improves on the ‘one step’ requirements of EU regulations, by taking traceability one step beyond. AUKM therefore provides robust quality assurance and helps to manage business risk.”


Elaine McCrimmon, BBPA

Ivor Murrell of the Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB) says: “Members of the AUKM Scheme meet strict
quality guidelines so that manufacturers, retailers and consumers can be confident that every stage in the production process is recorded. We are delighted that this commitment is being recognised throughout the industry and in particular by the BBPA. Consumers need to know that the products they buy are safe, and this scheme allows brewers to provide that assurance.”

Assured UK Malt (AUKM) is the internationally recognised accreditation scheme for malt run by the Maltsters Association of Great Britain. Members of the scheme are Bairds Malt Limited, Coors Brewers Ltd, Crisp Malting Group Ltd, Greencore Malt, Muntons plc, and Simpsons Malt Limited. For more information on Assured UK Malt visit or contact MAGB on +44 (0)1636 700781.

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